IVM Chemicals has been chosen as coordinator of the European Life Bio-Paint project for the research and development of new and innovative Bio-Based UV coatings. As part of this project, the European Union also finances the construction of the prototype of the plant for the production of these new generation paints.





  • Demonstrate a sustainable, efficient process for the production  of UV-curable bio-based paints characterized by very low product variability
  • Develop a fully automated, closed-loop process that will not produce any waste nor emit any VOC, and will use less energy than the state of the art


  • Replace traditional noxious petrochemicals (especially styrene and acrylic/methacrylic acid) with safer and  environmentally friendly bio-based materials



  • Establish optimal process conditions and innovative formulations for bio-based resins containing other bio-based components.
  • Establish optimal process conditions and innovative formulations for UV-curable bio-based paints.
  • Design, assemble, start-up and validate:

                   - Pilot production line for bio-based paint

                   - Prototype bio-based paints moving TRL from 6 to 7/8

  • Carry out an Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Assessment, as well as an LCA, establishing firmly the parameters of life cycle assessment for bio-based resins and paints




Expected impact