Activities and operating structure

IVM Chemicals is a leader company in Europe and in the World, specializing in wood coatings.

IVM Chemicals is part of IVM Group, among the most important in the world in this field, which is considered one of the high tech segments in the field of “coatings and varnishes”. It has Companies in the main European Countries and distributes in more than 70 Countries.
It also manufactures resins, adhesives and polyurethane elastomers.
In 2007 it originated from the union of three of the main European companies (Milesi, ILVA Polimeri and Intercoating), already belonging to IVM Group, specializing in the production of wood coatings. They merged having the ambitious project of building together a highly productive concern, thanks to the possibility offered by the processing of quantities never managed so far by a single industrial plant.

IVM Chemicals manages:

the Production and Research in the field of wood coating for all IVM Group Companies

• the commercialization, through its widespread Sales and Technical Service Network, of the products of Milesi, Ilva and Croma Lacke, historical brands among the best known in the world in the field of wood coating

the production and the sale of polymers on third party accounts.

IVM Chemicals produces and commerciales brands

 an IVM Chemicals' Brand                    Milesi

an IVM Chemicals' Brand                    Ilva

an IVM Chemicals' Brand   Croma Lacke

an IVM Chemicals' Brand     Intercoating