The company visited by a Chinese delegation within the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection


From Beijing to Parona in the sign of environment: yesterday, October 20, an official Chinese delegation visited the modern plant of IVM Chemicals, unique in its industrial sector for size and architecture.

Our company, a leading manufacturer of wood coatings, has been shown as an example in Italy in terms of environmental sustainability technologies.

The visit is part of the Chinese-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection launched in 2000 by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea, together with the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA), in order to help China to improve their environment, support sustainable growth and promote collaboration between Italian and far-eastern businesses.

The importance of such collaboration has been witnessed by the Italian RAI 3 television news report, which was filmed during the event and aired on October 21st at 2 p.m., on both TG 3 and Giornale Radio 3.

The television news report describes IVM Group as a winning and cutting edge company in the Italian and international panorama.

We invite you to watch the video at the following link: