ILVA is a partner in the creation of the Elle Decor Grand Hotel “Invisible Rooms” by Neri&Hu, the Elle Decor Italia installation project an in-depth survey on the evolution of the contract world.

Palazzo Morando - Costume Moda Immagine, Via Sant’ Andrea 6, Milan
5-21th October 2018, 10.00-21.00 – free entry

ILVA, the historic Italian brand leader in the production of wood coatings and part of the international IVM Group one of the world’s leading players in this sector, takes part in Elle Decor Grand Hotel, the installation created by the international design and trends magazine to encourage in-depth reflections on the evolution of haute hôtellerieInvisible Rooms” is the title of the 2018 concept signed by Neri&Hu, the international multidisciplinary architecture and design firm founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu.

This true pop-up hotel with its sophisticated character, investigates new trends in metropolitan living, rethinking the approach to the design and use of public spaces, in an encounter between western and eastern design cultures, embodying the approach of contamination that has always been the trademark of Neri&Hu.

The location chosen for Elle Decor Grand Hotel “Invisible Rooms” is also iconic, the historic Palazzo Morando, in the Milan’s famous “fashion quad” area. The designers have transformed the site into a fantastic world able to seduce the 21st-century travellers thanks to the visual and design narration of the various spaces and their specific functions.

First interior design project made in Italy by Neri&Hu, Elle Decor Grand Hotel “Invisible Rooms” is inspired by the theme of travel and discovery, the leitmotif of the Italo Calvino’s novel “Invisible Cities”, which provides the name and the narrative structure for the sequence of different spaces of the pop-up hotel.

Among these, “The Cinema” is inspired by the chapter “Thin Cities” in Calvino’s book: at the center of the space, this room plays the role of a shared facility, like the courtyard in historic rural complexes, typical of both western and eastern cultures. In the project by Neri&Hu for Elle Decor Italia the walls featuring the Béton Brut Effect wood coating by ILVA.

The Béton Brut Special Effect is an innovative finish that replicates the effect of concrete, inspired by the charme of Brutalism, the architectural movement of the 20th century that often uses  the roughness of exposed concrete. Thanks to this highly customizable coating in terms of shades and texture, wood takes on the typical colors and textures of concrete.  A perfect example of the wide range of ILVA Special Effects, material solutions of great aesthetic impact that enhance wood while giving it new characteristics. They are based on extensive research that permits wood to be "transformed," taking on the aesthetic characteristics of other materials like metals, ice, silk, marble, leather, as well as concrete. Through simple coating operations, ILVA offers the market easy, repeatable solutions that can also be applied to small surfaces, with a high level of customization.

All the Special Effects are ideal for the surface finishing of paneling, furnishings and complements, which can thus take on new aesthetic identities while conserving the advantages of wood, a ductile, light, environmentally friendly and sustainable material.

With the participation at Elle Decor Grand Hotel, ILVA emphasizes its relationship with the world of design: throughout its history ILVA, founded in 1946 in the heart of the Brianza district, has always had a close bond with the furniture-design sector.

Precisely in the intense everyday relationship with this production district that is the only one of its kind in the world, ILVA has grown becoming an unrivaled reference point for the wood coatings sector in Italy and abroad, an ideal partner to respond to every specific functional and aesthetic need of both industry and craftsmen, thanks to the depth of its range of coatings, always with a strong accent on environmental protection and human health.

The company’s mission is to offer new design stimuli, responding to and foreseeing the visions of companies and designers, providing new characteristics for wood that take concrete form in the intense activity of research and the continuous way towards innovation. A complex study of materials and their expressive, aesthetic and functional potentialities, involving the constant efforts of a team of 200 researchers who side by side with companies and designers envision and develop new coating solutions for wood, a material that is increasingly widespread in design and architecture today due to its properties, ease of use, sustainability and limited cost.

The Group

Within the wood coatings sector, the IVM Group is among the world’s leading manufacturers and the largest in Italy: it directly controls and manages some of the most important companies in Europe, with historical brands such as Milesi, Ilva and Croma Lacke and It markets its products worldwide through a network of specialized distributors. The IVM Group is today present in more than 100 Countries. Its paints can meet the needs of both the production of large automated facilities and that of accomplished craftsmen in the fields of wood, home building, shipbuilding or art. The Companies of the Group have an efficient widespread Distribution and Technical Support network that guarantees to its Customers an all-encompassing service, including the development of solutions that best meet specific design, support finishing and production cycle requirements.

Under the brand name Intercoating, the IVM Group produces resins for the manufacturing of coating products and elastomers for the synthetic leather sector. The strong family ownership, which has always ruled out a family-type management together with an independent and reliable Management staff, capable of maximizing the use of sources and the constant R&D activity (more than 8% of its proceeds in invested in research activities) are among the factors that has allowed IVM to become today, one of the leading Groups in this sector.

Ilva wood coatings

Founded in 1946, Ilva wood coatings is a brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world. Today, Ilva coatings are manufactured and distributed by IVM Chemicals, an IVM Group company that from the headquarters in Parona, in the province of Pavia, focuses on the Italian market with a presence also in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific where no other Group companies are present.

Environmental policy

IVM has always been committed to enhancing its activity protecting safety and reducing the impact of its processes, products and services on the environment, with the precise aim to ensure the maximum respect for the environment and human health both in production and usage phase. All processes, from the arrival of the raw materials to the packaging, take place without releasing of pollutants, thanks to sophisticated closed-loop systems and cryogenic systems that clean the air before releasing it into the environment. The Group directly produces the resins used in its products, using renewable raw materials up to 60%.

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