Mindfulness on environmental situation is the focus of our activity.

ILVA, a global reference standard in wood coatings, presents at ARCHITECT@WORK 2019 in Milan some innovative sustainable solutions for
wood coatings.

Our attitude in environmental mindful research allows for ILVA to be leader in wood coatings industry

The new outfit “Finestre sul Legno”, concept with rationalist inspiration, displays the innovative Bio wood coatings solutions, featuring high performances married with environmental respect. Our range of Bio-based products is constantly updated to ensure cutting-edge solutions. In this context dedicated to design and architecture we will showcase the green and zero-impact evolution of oils for parquet production; our new UV oil with the highest Bio content on the market; and, our new series of clear and pigmented topcoats obtained from botanic waste sources not suitable for human nutrition.

Come and visit us at Architect@work on November 13th-14th at MiCo Fiera Milano, booth ILVA # 169!

For more information on the event: https://milan.architectatwork.it/

Opening hours: 13:00-20:00.