Milesi HEALTHY.WOOD is a complete line of Polyurethanic, Acrylic, UV, Nitrocellulose, Waterborne for interiors and Waterborne and Solvent based for exteriors Self-sealers and Topcoats, delivering extremely innovative sanitizing features.

Laboratory tests following ISO22196 regulation show how on surfaces coated with these products, bacterial growth is reduced by more than 99.9%, assuring maximum protection and hygiene.

HEALTHY.WOOD coatings are the ideal choice for all situations where Hygienic conditions are a must: from home environments like the kitchen, bathroom, and children’s bedroom, to all public spaces like pubs and restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, schools, stores, exhibition halls, doctor’s and professional offices; and for all those objects which are handled frequently such as mobile and laptop protective cases, glasses, steering wheels and toys.

These coatings feature sanitizing particles integrated directly in their formulation; this allows for a perfectly homogenous distribution within the product: entire coated surfaces remain consistently resistant to bacterial growth .

As the particles do not evaporate, their sanitizing action lasts forever, even on surfaces cleaned with particularly aggressive cleaning agents.

Surface treated with HEALTHY.WOOD coatings makes the use of sanitizing cleaners almost redundant.